Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good Evening

Wow, some way to get started on a blog I have completely abandoned it!!  As many of you know I have been very sick for nearly 3 weeks and I am happy to say that I am finally feeling better.  I had the flu, strep throat, my uvola was swollen and dragging down my throat, the pain was piercing into my inner ears!  I have had a flu shot for the past 10 years and this is the first year that I have come down with the flu having the shot.  I guess that is pretty record one out of ten. (I'm sure the crazy weather hasn't helped)
Since I have been feeling better I have been going crazy cleaning and running around with my kids and friends and I will not take another day for granted when I feel good.
Needless to say with being sick I have put this blog on hold as well as my book.  I feel words forming in my brain and I want to write, but first I have to put studying into high gear because I have a test next Thursday in Algebra.  The last test I got a smiley face on my paper and it looks like I received the highest grade in my class.  Yesterday after I left class Mr. Lyon stopped me and said "Kelly you need to be sick more often when you test".
You all say a prayer for me because I need another good grade on this test.  I am looking at another school for RN which has the prereq's built in,  It is very expensive however it is so hard to get into the Nursing Program at Ivy Tech, you have to have straight A's and do very well on the TEES test.