Monday, January 23, 2012

An alternative to Reality Television

Are you getting tired of Reality Television which is increasingly taken over our television in the past decade?  When we think about role models for our children who do we think about?  It scares me to think that many teenagers find Kim Kardashian and Snooki as being role models. The Kardashian's are splashed all over the television and media, along with Jersey shore, The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills, Orange Counties and other major city; I wonder how many of the "Real House Wives" are actually married?  As we watch Reality Television unfold every week the drama gets heavier and heavier.  With the Real House Wives of Beverly Hills, we see a bunch of wealthy middle age woman acting like they are in high school only worse.  You would think that people with money and influence in a community would act a little more rational, clearly this is not the case.
Here are some refreshing alternatives to Reality TV ...
The New Girl- This is a comedy starring Zoey Deschanel as an adorable girl who moves in with three single guys and changing their lives in unexpected ways.  This is a light hearted and fun comedy.

2 Broke Girls - two girls living in New York City find themselves trying to raise enough money to open their own cupcake business.

The Gifted Man- This is a drama about a brilliant and charismatic surgeon who's life changes forever when his diseased ex-wife begins teaching him the meaning of life from the "hereafter".
Revenge- I absolutely love Revenge!  The story is great, the setting is in the "Hampton's" and Madeleine Stowe plays Victoria, it is so great to see her back!  Thinking back, I am almost certain that Madeleine Stowe was in a movie called " Revenge" with Kevin Costner.
Amanda Clarke moves back home to the people who framed her father David Carke for treason which put him in prison for life.  Amanda grew up in foster homes and eventually ends up in Juvenile Detention.
When Amanda turns 18 she acquires her fathers wealth, her father died in prison.  Her father leaves behind a box for Amanda with evidence and a journal explaining that he was not responsible.  Amanda switches identities with Emily Thorne and starts on a journey of condemning the people who framed her father.  One by one with the contents of the box she is able to get the Revenge she so badly needs.

Once upon a time- Emma Swanson was abandoned at birth and is contacted by Henry on her Birthday. Henry  is the boy she gave up for adoption many years ago.  Henry needs Emma's help because he believes that she may be the missing daughter of Snow White and the Prince Charming, who according to the fairy tale book, sent her away to protect her from the evil Queens curse.  In Story Brook the magic has been forgotten but these fairy tale characters are very much alive and living under a curse which has force them to live in modern day times having no memory of the former lives.

There are so many wonderful shows out there, alternatives to Reality Television, I have only named a few, please feel free to add any suggestions that you might have.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have finished my wonderful Math Lab and I am happy to say that I am all caught up for the big test day which is Thursday.  I still have a lot of studying to do before Thursday but I am going for the gold, an A+!
I have also been blog hopping; I am in total awe by all of the creative and talented writers.  I am learning so much through all of you!
As for my current creative side I believe that my brain is being completely distorted by numbers, Algebra! 
Which brings me to my final thought:  WORDS are so much better then NUMBERS! 

Another Earth

Another Earth~A must see
Kelly's Ratings: 10
Directed by Mike Cahill and calibrated with Brit Marling.

On the night of the discovery of a duplicate planet in the solar system and ambitious young student Rhoda (Brit Marling) and an accomplished composer John (William Mapother) cross paths in a tragic accident.

At first glance I thought this could very well be a cheesy movie, but as I sat for a few minutes and watched my jaw fell to the floor and this movie had my complete attention.  I rented this movie when it was first released on DVD and I was thankful however for being able to watch this movie in the comfort of my own home because I cried endlessly.  This movie was beautifully written and directed.  When the movie ended, I wanted more.  I don't remember any movie that I have seen that left me wanting more.

This movie is perfect for a day like today, when it is more …….

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

keeping it simple

I would like to start sharing my book with all of you.  Right now it is titled "The Birth" but this is subject to change.
I am connecting really well with the main character in the book, Abby.  The book begins in 1969 and takes us to the present day.  Abby is 21, she has an incredible job as an Airline Stewardess but one night in Paris will change Abby's life forever...
Currently I am on Chapter five, I need to go back and do some revisions and eventually I would like to start sharing some excerpts from the book with you.
As I have shared in an earlier blog, this book surrounds the issues of adoption. It is a fictional book however you will learn the heartaches of what Birthmothers had to endure back in the 60's and 70's.  In many cases these young woman would give birth and their newborn would be taken away from them, to never see their baby again. This book will also share the heartbreaking experiences that have touched the lives of both Birthmother's and the babies that they were forced to give up.  It's an incredible story being told in a novel.
Adoption has greatly impacted my life so whether I am sharing an excerpt from my book or blogging, the book and my life are like two parallel lines that flow in its own path but eventually get off-course and intersect.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Separation Anxiety-is it them or me?

This is my Son Sam, on this particular day Sam made the winning touchdown in the last minute of the game.  The coach picked Sam up and put him on his shoulder and his teammates all crowded around him and I was such a proud mom.  I kissed him in front of his team mates and as you can see by the look on Sam's face that he did not like that.  So, I tried the "knuckle thing" and that worked much better for him. more …...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bora Bora the most beautiful place on earth

There is nothing like being on a beautiful, secluded beach with the person you love most.
Your partner in life & best friend.  Love is such a wonderful thing and when you have found the love of your life you will know because everything else in the world will seem right.
I listened to a woman speak tonight about how desperatly she wants to find the love of her life, I told her that when you least expect it, he will find you~

The gift that keeps on giving

As I was watching Barbara Walters "10 most fascinating people", Derek Jeter, of the New York Yankee's was being interviewed.  I remember looking down at my phone and checking twitter to see what people's comments were, one tweet from a gal said "Derek Jeter, a man with a special gift" and she was not referring to "baseball".  It is said that Derek Jeter has dated many of the most beautiful actresses, sharing his special gift.  
When I do a blog I like to spend some time searching for some fitting pictures, it gives me a little time in collecting my thoughts.  I personally found this picture above to be very fitting, as you see the art work is of a couple, I see what would be an attractive couple, but I'm not totally convinced because I can't see their faces.  How well do you really know the person that you are dating before endeavoring into another phase of your relationship?  So many things remain to be unseen, we should all take the time to ask our partners the right questions, because it may be, that unless you ask, you may not be told, the "unseen", which could ultimately change the rest of your life and remember that the rest of your life could be a very long time. more .......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My life is anything but glamorous.

As I stepped out of my bed some time before six this morning, I ran to make sure that my daughter was awake.  I stumbled over a book that I threw out of bed last night, "Life is not a Reality Show" by Kyle Richards.  I picked it up, threw it with a pile of books in a box  labeled "Goodwill", knowing quite well that I have no intentions to finish reading this book.  Living a glamorous life can offer opportunities, like perhaps a book that lacks any talent and will probably become a best seller.  "My life is anything but glamorous".
Today I got the kids off to school and was getting ready for class. I look in the mirror and what do I see, the typical; Jeans, t-shirt and a sweatshirt. Looking down I notice today is an exception.  I am not wearing running shoes, I sigh and think really Kelly?  I am wearing a pair of muddy hiking boots.  This is my life...
Some people would say that more .....

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012, A New Year, forgiveness, hope, love & faith

We always start a New Year with the things that we would like to change about ourselves, or make better, an American tradition, our New Years resolutions.
My resolution this year is of course my weight, as many others, the gym starts out crazy at the first of the year. I want to be in wonderful shape for my daughter's graduation; I want to be able to feel comfortable in front of a camera and have a lot of pictures made with her.  I truly hate camera's, I always have. (this will be a gift for my daughter)  Of course, there is a selfish reason for this which is my ex-husband's wife will be there, she can't be more than a size zero, she has a killer metabolism, and she doesn't even work out!! 
My other New Years resolution's more .........