Monday, January 16, 2012

The gift that keeps on giving

As I was watching Barbara Walters "10 most fascinating people", Derek Jeter, of the New York Yankee's was being interviewed.  I remember looking down at my phone and checking twitter to see what people's comments were, one tweet from a gal said "Derek Jeter, a man with a special gift" and she was not referring to "baseball".  It is said that Derek Jeter has dated many of the most beautiful actresses, sharing his special gift.  
When I do a blog I like to spend some time searching for some fitting pictures, it gives me a little time in collecting my thoughts.  I personally found this picture above to be very fitting, as you see the art work is of a couple, I see what would be an attractive couple, but I'm not totally convinced because I can't see their faces.  How well do you really know the person that you are dating before endeavoring into another phase of your relationship?  So many things remain to be unseen, we should all take the time to ask our partners the right questions, because it may be, that unless you ask, you may not be told, the "unseen", which could ultimately change the rest of your life and remember that the rest of your life could be a very long time. more .......

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