My life is anything but glamorous ......

As I stepped out of my bed some time before six this morning, I ran to make sure that my daughter was awake.  I stumbled over a book that I threw out of bed last night, "Life is not a Reality Show" by Kyle Richards.  I picked it up, threw it with a pile of books in a box  labeled "Goodwill", knowing quite well that I have no intentions to finish reading this book.  Living a glamorous life can offer opportunities, like perhaps a book that lacks any talent and will probably become a best seller.  "My life is anything but glamorous".
Today I got the kids off to school and was getting ready for class. I look in the mirror and what do I see, the typical; Jeans, t-shirt and a sweatshirt. Looking down I notice today is an exception.  I am not wearing running shoes, I sigh and think really Kelly?  I am wearing a pair of muddy hiking boots.  This is my life...
Some people would say that we choose our path, however I can surely say without hesitation, my path was paved and clearly marked by someone else other than me.

I was adopted into a family of five older brothers. They were not adopted, however my sister Kris was adopted 2 years before me.  My mom couldn't have girls, so she adopted my sister, then decided she wanted a playmate for her little girl, thats me; my sister's playmate.  My mom scored big in a game of bingo. She used that money for none other than me!!  So, you can also refer to me as "bingo baby".  (my brothers do)
Growing up with five older brothers, it was anything but glamorous, brothers sitting on my face and passing gas, brothers holding me down and drawing mustaches and beards on my face.  Watching my brothers having nose picking contests, which included who could fling them the furthest. (I would literally have to duck my way out of flying buggers)
When I was in high school, I really grew into myself, however I didn't know it. It did not phase me when I was a junior and the captain of the football team Mike Benson chased me down the court yard as I was walking to the bus, just days before he was crowned homecoming king; the only thing I could think was "creepy".  When I was fifteen, a sophomore, the captain of the swim team asked me out, I said, I'm sorry, I can't date until I am sixteen, he asked when my Birthday was, keep in mind that it is October; and Randy set up our first date, on my birthday, February 11, 1986.  That night he serenades me in front of his family with a song by Mike and the Mechanics, "All I need is a Miracle".  -awkward!
 I am kidding you not, I was always bringing flowers home from school, one time a dozen roses. My mom would be thrilled with all of the flowers but I wasn't. It was embarrassing!  I never saw my self as pretty, quite the opposite, I thought I was plain and ugly.  I wasn't popular, however I did have some popular friends. For the most part the girls didn't like me, the boys chasing me was a problem for many of them. They didn't need to "not like me" because as far as I was concerned, I was no harm to them, I was like ugly Betty, only ugly Kelly.
Today I can see the beauty that passed me by. As the years went bye men were always drawn to my eyes, I have bright blue eyes.  I was blessed with perfect teeth, which makes for a pretty smile.
However, I have never put emphesis on beauty, now at 41, I'm thinking of what I missed out on.  Its sad, because we can form a negative opinion about ourselves, and if we do this, not a darn thing that anyone says or does can make us believe differently; low self esteem is an extremely bad problem, and knowing this now is what has helped me to be a better mother. Now i focus on a positive and loving environment and constantly putting emphasis on each and everyone one of my kids amazing qualities. 
Last night, I was thinking about my Algebra Class, for some crazy reason I started to think of Kristyn Burtt, of her glamorous life, I was thinking of how I would love to walk in her shoes for a day, or a week possibly.  I sent her a tweet asking her if she would take my place in my not so glamorous Algebra class; I was not shocked to find out that she got an A+ in Algebra!  She is not only beautiful, but smart, and funny.  Kristyn Burtt can rock the red carpet, being one of the hardest working entertainment correspondents in Hollywood, she has interviewed some of the most beautiful stars (like Ryan Reynolds) and walked besides the most glamorous Michelle Pfeiffer.  You can find Kristyn Burtt just about anywhere, having a hand in Godspell, she travels from Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between.  What I have learned from Kristyn Burtt, is: we CAN choose our own paths, we can dream big, if we believe in ourselves, anything is possible.  

I received a tweet this morning from @Brooks_Ryan, he was Carl Albert State College Accounting Student of the year, asking, brains are good right?  Brains are great, but he has to know that he doesn't just rock brains, he is absolutely gorgeous.  And between us, I am trying my best to get @kristynburtt and @Brooks_Ryan together. My name is Kelly Valentine, I'm putting emphasis on Valentine..they would be a match made in heaven. shh

When you hear the word glamorous, who do you think of?  I think we should all start trying to imagine ourselves.

When I went to bed last night I had inspiration for a blog, however it didn't quite take shape, maybe the thoughts of today, will take form tomorrow.

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