Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Club

I'm starting a book club, I may be the only member now but one day it could grow to be two or three members; who knows the possibilities are endless.  ;)  I love to read as you know and write, and I think it is a waste for me to not review these books.  
I am going to list a few books that are in my pipeline for review.

 Night Road

Firefly Lane
Home Front

And Finally…
E L James 
Fifty Shades of Grey

Books in my pipeline to read and review


  1. Quite the collection. Have fun reading. :)

  2. As an erotic romance author, I have to say I was horribly disappointed in 50 Shades. I was so excited to see my genre make it up into the stratosphere with Twilight, and then I read it... While I still love the fact that it is bringing light to the genre, making it more acceptable, I just cannot convince myself to like the book.
    Hopefully you will enjoy it more than I did.

  3. Aubrianna, I am with you, I was COMPLETELY disappointed in Fifty Shades, I could have done much better! I can not get myself to read the second book, I will try yours, why don't you recommend which book that you would like me to start with. after I read it, I will in fact, surely tell you that your book is much better.