Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Kelly Jean, get out of bed, "Okay mom" I murmur in my quiet cracked voice.  As I climb out of my bed and my little feet touch the floor I fly back up in the bed and under my covers.  "Mom, I can't go to school today, I'm sick".  My mom sits on my bed and pulls my blanket off of me and starts tickling me, whats wrong are your feet cold?  I laugh and squeal, Mom please drive me to school, "no honey, the cold is good for you, it makes you strong".  My mom grabs me and pulls me out of bed, chills run through my body, I run and grab the warm clothes that my mom set aside for me and I put them on quicker then somebody running with their pants caught on fire.
After I eat my bowl of Captain Crunch, brushing my teeth and combing the knots out of my hair I climb into my snow suit and all my winter gear.  My big sister grabs me, here, let me help you with that scarf, you might need to double up today, it is very cold and you better be able to run!  Run? I can hardly walk in all this stuff.
My sister grabs my arm and pulls me out the door, I am immediately taken back by the sharp wind which leaves me immediatly "breathless".  My sister starts running, and I try to move my little first grade legs and follow her motion.  My sister has quite a bit of distance  on me, trying to keep up I fall over in the snow, my sister is long gone and I struggle to get back up on my feet.  I finally squirm to my feet when another sharp wind nearly knocks me over taking my breath away, I stand with my feet firmly planted in the snow keeping my balance, my eye's watering from the cold.  I am breathless and frozen in place and I feel this amazing warm sensation running down my legs, it feels deliciously wonderful, then I realize what I have done…

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  1. First one out of bed started the furnance and stood over the vent with warm air rushing up their nightgown.
    I remember those little snowsuits and I imagine you had lots of unknown company. Fun post.