Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Price of Fame

I wonder some times if being famous is almost equivelant to selling your soul to the Devil.  The Devil being all the harassing photographers that swarm around the Stars like Bee's on Honey.
I, being an average american blend in the crowds fairly well, I tend to forget the importance of being free to go where ever I like and do what ever I need with complete space and freedom. 
Kristen Stewart, as we all know does not like the camera's or the spot light, but she got caught with another man, who is indeed married with two children.
I feel like everyone has made mistakes and has their own indiscretions to live with, hopefully we learn and grow from our mistakes.  Kristen Stewart is only 22, she is very young and I am sure that she will indeed make many more mistakes in her life time.  But I believe that she should be allowed the opportunity to greive in her own way and with space.  After all, she is an American and has the right to her freedom and privacy.  Whatever Kristen Stewart did in her private life is her business .

Below is a picture snapped of Kristen Stewart as she is walking, grieving, with tears in her eyes and being followed by inconsiderate hungry cameramen snapping her picture. 

I think we should spend a little more time focusing on ourselves and our own actions.  


  1. Everything comes at a price So, I guess you have to ask yourself going into it.. is it really worth it..

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